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The Industry Voice

for Job Aggregators

Why join

The IJA supports and helps the industry to grow and deliver

Become part of the leading industry peer group today and get access to member discounts and benefits. Become a voice and help drive change and raise awareness with the leading players in the industry.


Grow reputation and brand exposure​ and be at the forefront of building industry awareness. Get early access and learn about new trends and technologies.

SIgn up today and gain support and credibility from industry peers.

Transparency &


Credibility &


Enquire Today about becoming a member

If you are interested in joining The IJA then get in touch with the team today. Please fill out the quick form in the footer and we will be in touch.

The IJA offers the industry an independent solution to ensure the credible aggregators can be validated and the industry can offer true transparency.

The IJA only allows leading and vetted job aggregators to join the institution offering reassurance and credibility to suppliers and ensuring the industry becomes stronger.

What our Members Say

“As soon as we heard about The IJA we decided to request membership as we believe this organisation can help build industry credibility and awareness and also help clients and users know which aggregators are credible.
Job Aggregators have been an important part of the recruitment industry for many years and having our own institute is well overdue.”
Craig Bines - CEO CareerWallet
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