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The Industry Voice

for Recruitment Traffic

About our Members

The IJA members are working together for a better industry

Become a leading voice in the recruitment industry. IJA members are all verified and leading players in the job aggregator industry and as a member, their clients know they offer a credible and transparent service.

Together we are stronger as an industry. We can offer each other support, advice and ensure the industry remains strong, credible and completely transparent.

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IJA Members Include


Transparency &


Credibility &


Enquire Today about becoming a member

If you are interested in joining the IJA then get in touch with the team today. Please fill out the quick form in the footer and we will be in touch.

The IJA only allows leading and vetted job aggregators to join the industry offering reassurance and credibility to the industry while supporting our members.

The IJA offers the industry an independent solution to ensure the credible aggregators can be validated and the industry can offer true transparency

Giving a Voice to the Industry

The IJA protects the industry by helping to validate the credible players in the industry and giving them a platform to discuss and manage bid dropping and transparency.

The IJA helps streamline multi-used technology such as IPQS, Datadome, and Cloud Flare to help standardise usage and settings.

The IJA allows joint action of bad debtors facilitating action to halt traffic across all platforms and retrieve the debt.

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