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The Industry Voice

for Job Aggregators

Why does the industry need the IJA?

The IJA supports and helps the industry to grow and deliver

The industry’s lifeblood is job seeker traffic and in a world of ever-advanced AI and bots running rampant across the internet, it is vital that this traffic is validated, and the quality is monitored.

The leading firms in the sector are working closely with The IJA to ensure quality and drive industry standards by ensuring all members of the institute have to meet strict criteria to be able to join.

Transparency &


Credibility &


Enquire Today about becoming a member

If you are interested in joining The IJA then get in touch with the team today. Please fill out the quick form in the footer and we will be in touch.

The IJA offers the industry an independent solution to ensure the credible aggregators can be validated and the industry can offer true transparency.

The IJA only allows leading and vetted job aggregators to join the institution offering reassurance and credibility to suppliers and ensuring the industry becomes stronger.

Why is The IJA important

Become a leading voice in the recruitment industry. Members of the IJA are all verified and leading players in the job aggregator industry and as a member, their clients are given the reassurance they offer a credible, verified and transparent service.

Why not enquire today to become part of the rapidly expanding industry body?

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